I am NOT a developer

15 March 2011 by DRose
clearString is the perfect solution for non-expert developers looking for the easiest way to build web apps. It is a visual codeless development tool that lets everyone quickly build and deploy great-looking web and cloud applications without scripting or coding, and without any design constraints. With clearString, you can build multi-tier web applications in minutes.
It provides a complete hosting environment for your new web application with one-click install onto Windows: business uses Windows, therefore clearString uses Windows, so there is no administrative learning curve. clearString has its own, internal database that eliminates the need for database management, while at the same time providing a highly flexible data structure. If your situation changes after the construction of your app, you can easily adjust the tables to adapt. The neatComponents engine behind your clearString application will cope with all the changes you throw at it.
clearString is designed as a web-development platform from the ground up. It is not a mash-up of Open Source applications for handling grid structures that have been skinned over for web deployment. clearString is fully integrated with its web services, and the data handling power means that there is no faster way to create regular websites, even if they do not have a large data component. Sites are built quickly with simple drag and drop and the web application tools automatically create fully customizable navigation and full Content Management as you go – all with no extra work.
If you are NOT a developer, but need to build world class web applications and websites then clearString is designed for you.  www.clearString.com









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