clearStringclearString codeless web development software brings all website creation and your data apps online using components to manage data, users and structure - with drag & drop building and dialog-box config.

In this blog the team behind the clearString system discuss how to make the most of the system, and talk about some of the general issues of relevance to building online applications.

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Site Updating

11 July 2016 by Bob North

There are times when it is sensible to take a copy of a site, makes changes to that, and then apply the changes in a single ‘upgrade’ operation to the live site.



Two Factor Authentication

9 March 2016 by Bob North

Two Factor Authentication adds greater security than just using passwords.



clearString Codeless Business App Development Software Platform Announces New Free Developer License

15 May 2012 by DRose

clearString codeless web and business app development software has introduced a new Free Developer license to remove barriers to entry for new business app developers.



clearString Enables the Citizen Developer in Medium and Small Businesses

16 March 2012 by DRose

clearString enables the creation of websites and website integrated data applications by people who may not be programmers but know enough about information systems and applications to know what they need.



Take the Geek Out of Web Development with clearString

16 February 2012 by DRose

clearString have made a breakthrough in taking the geek out of website building. They have come up with a novel way of creating and managing - developing in the jargon - websites and applications.



Web development Less expensive than Free

31 January 2012 by DRose

As you do not need to write scripts and code, you don't need to use specialists for web development , so creation costs fall dramatically. It becomes practical for businesses of any size to bring their own web development for custom sites and business-processes safely online - just like big-business does.



How fast is your site?

6 December 2011 by Bob North

We've recently been working with several clients to see how their sites could best be improved. After assessing all the various stylistic or structural changes that might help clients make best use of the sites, we decided the best route was an invisible one: to make the sites run faster.

Here's a quick run down of the ways we did that, and which you can consider for your own site.



Is Google hiding referer data?

28 November 2011 by Bob North

When someone visits your website using a link from another site, you can usually tell where they came from, and if they came from a search engine, this will usually tell you what search words they typed in to find your site. This is, clearly, really useful information for your marketing.
However recently Google have been stripping out the search terms from the information they send over in the Referer header.



Core values in clearString

25 November 2011 by Bob North

Sometimes we get so excited about all the new features in clearString that we lose sight of what we consider the 'basics', but which continue to amaze new users more used to buildings sites the hard way.



New version of clearString - build 1631

11 November 2011 by DRose

The release of the latest version of clearString web development software Version 2.1631 has brought a host of new features and enhancements.

So it is worth stopping for a few minutes to remember just what our aims and objectives are...



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