February 2010

Creating a social marketing strategy

4 February 2010 by Bob North

No matter how good your website is, if no-one know it’s there, it’s a complete waste of time. So it’s important you have a strategy in place to spread the word. Naturally you’ll be doing all the standard cross-referencing: including it on your business cards, packaging etc, but if you really want to reach out to new people you’ll eventually have to think about online marketing.



Your web, post-Amazon

3 February 2010 by Bob North

Last time I looked ahead to a world where global players like Amazon overstep their role in the market, and a forced to take a back-seat.

Today I'm looking at what will fill this vacuum, and how you can get position yourself now to be able to take your fair share when it happens. In essence this boils down to two key concepts: ‘own your data’ and ‘structure your data’.



A valedictory for Amazon

2 February 2010 by Bob North

There’s an interesting little argument going on between Amazon and the publisher Macmillan, which led to Amazon pulling all Macmillan title from their site for a while. Whilst I won’t repeat the detail of this particular case I think there are some important lessons for us all about the power of the global players on the Internet.









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