January 2010

Cloud computing Oops

22 January 2010 by Bob North

Sometimes the next big thing is too good to be true. Finally it’s beginning to dawn on the big players in the cloud computing market that their business models are holed below the waterline.



Create your own Press Release approval system

21 January 2010 by Bob North

Last time I looked at a simple approval system for a blog comment – basically adding a checkbox that only the admin can see.

Today I’ll look at a more complex scenario, more suitable for a Press Release. In this scenario we want the Press Release to be approved by three people: one checking grammar, another the technical content, and, once approved on those aspects, a final approval by the CEO.



Creating a moderated comments system

20 January 2010 by Bob North

Here’s a quick trick that will make life easy when you want to keep control over what is be added to your site. I’m going to skip over the basic Content Management approval controls, which are documented elsewhere, and look at the form-based techniques that give you even more flexibility over your approval processes.



New to clearString?

1 January 2010 by DRose

If you've just discovered clearString you may be wondering why everyone is so excited. To get you up to speed here are some links to pages that explain how clearString is not simply a 'me-too' content management system, but a whole new approach to building websites and online apps.









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