clearString is uniquely totally codeless at the point of use

12 June 2011 by DRose


clearString’s ‘pre-coded’ components mean that it is uniquely 100% codeless at the point of use.
Our goal is to make world-class Internet technology affordable, so taking a 100% contrarian view of the world brings great business benefits. Here are three examples...
1. Windows - not Linux
Setting the geeky merits of Linux to one side, businesses use MS Windows. They already own Windows licenses and they already have in-house expertise. Linux powers only 1.4% of enterprise desktops, (Forrester  June 2011) so clearString is a Windows based platform - not Linux. 
2. Proprietory - not Open Source
clearString is not a mash-up of open-source code. clearString is written clean from the ground up. This means that applications developed using clearString have clear license-title; avoiding a major financial vulnerability of Open Source, and it means the code is coherent, and not reliant on multiple open source projects continuing to play nicely together. Plus, Support when it is needed.
3. Total control over data
The public cloud works fine for consumer services, but businesses need to keep tight control over data. They are subject to data regulation and rules restricting data-location, and control over data disclosure by subpoena. So clearString software installs on the businesses own machines and automatically creates its own private cloud-environment. This means businesses know exactly where their data is stored and who has access to it.
This makes clearString a strong solution for business, legal or any other applications. Users have all the benefits of cloud operation, while businesses retain 100% control over their own data. There's a reason why Big Business use systems like this. Business software needs to be robust, reliable and easy to implement, and it needs to have a clear support structure and access to skilled professional developers. All this has been an unaffordable dream for smaller organizations. Until now: 









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