clearString Enables the Citizen Developer in Medium and Small Businesses

16 March 2012 by DRose


Gartner says that Citizen Developers will build at least 25 percent of new business applications by 2014. clearString is a component-based development platform created to be accessible to a Citizen Developer working on their own or in a small or medium sized business, while at the same time being equally applicable to the Enterprise.  clearString  enables the creation of websites and website integrated data applications by people who may not be programmers but know enough about information systems and applications to know what they need.  
“Too many new developments never get beyond their first step because developing without an IT department behind you has been too difficult ,” says David Rose, CEO of clearString. “Creating a safe stable development environment which is both affordable and does not limit the Citizen Developer is a major advance,” says Mr. Rose. 
“Citizen Developers must be on a level playing-field with large corporate IT departments,” says Bob North, CIO of clearString. The Citizen Developer needs to be able to concentrate on application or website development with the assurance that user management, security and database management and site structure will ‘just work’. “The robust architectural decisions that are at the heart of the engine that drives clearString, have created a highly flexible platform that is easy to use but without the restrictions of template or software-as-a-service offerings, “ said Mr North.
Freedom from hand-writing code
clearString abstracts the coding language layer completely, replacing it with a graphical, browser-based, configuration interface. This means that complex programmed W3C compliant applications can be rapidly developed without a coding or code-debug burden, benefiting citizen developer and professional developer alike.  All development is performed via a browser interface for which the system is browser agnostic. Developers can use Firefox, Safari, Chrome,and IE on Windows, Mac or Linux machines.
clearString is for everyone - Business, Citizen Developer or Web Professional -  who needs a completely flexible way to create websites, quickly, reliably and without coding errors. It enables custom website and application creation in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional development without loss of control.
clearString writes and manages all the 'programming' - coding and scripting - needed for all aspects of advanced web development, from security and user control, through navigation, CRUD forms and database management, to Ajax transitions and email and Twitter integration. clearString also includes a full ecommerce engine, completely customizable for currency, tax-regimes and multiple delivery modes.









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