clearString Codeless Business App Development Software Platform Announces New Free Developer License

15 May 2012 by DRose


clearString, the codeless web and business app development software, has introduced a new Free Developer license. “The new free development license now makes it risk free to work with clearString,” said David Rose, clearString CEO. “Business app development is a rapidly growing arena, and as Citizen Developers start to explore the possibilities it is important that their first attempts are not blocked by high start-up costs, “ said Mr. Rose, “and it is important that business app development works well in the mobile app environment.”
Business App Development is where brick-and-mortar business processes are brought online, exploiting the connectivity of the Internet and the ability to readily integrate data via the web. Mobile app development is a sub-set of general business app development, where mobile apps are often seen as more consumer oriented. Citizen developers are people who may not be programmers but who know enough about information systems and applications to know what they want. Business app development is one of the main areas where the Citizen Developer can provide enormous financial returns for their company. 
clearString frees the business app development project from the burden of scripting and hand coding, and debugging thousands of lines of code. clearString flattens the learning curve needed for open source methods and operating systems so anyone can can move their project forward rapidly.
Business app development using the clearString web development software works from a standard Windows environment that any business is familiar with, either locally or in the Cloud. In either location data is held securely so that the business can be confident about who has access to their data.
The new developer license for clearString codeless web and business app development software is free and permanent and includes all future software upgrades. It enables the business app developer to create an unlimited number of websites and applications with an unlimited number of records in any database. clearString is a codeless app development platform, and the free developer license will host an unlimited number of websites and domains each secure from any other on the same server. This developer license has the same unlimited functionality as the main Datacenter license.
The main Datacenter license provides full Private Cloud controls - you can even host your private clearString cloud in a standard Public cloud like Amazon AWS. The private cloud controls mean that the clearString codeless web developer can create their own SaaS services with full domain, hosting, and billing options.
The free developer license for clearString codeless business app development software includes unlimited access to all components, and also allows an unlimited number of developers and users to have access to the system. This enables rapid development teams to work on projects together. There are built in protections to prevent clashes with two people attempting to work on the same record at the same time.
Support for the new Free Developer license is provided by hundreds of pages in the online documentation section of the website. Full Unlimited email support is available on the purchase of one of the Premium licenses. You can upgrade from the free license with no loss of data, configuration or down-time. Premium licenses have the high volume capability needed for production servers for commercially successful sites.









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