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31 January 2012 by DRose

clearString web development software has been created to empower regular business users and web-designers to integrate Data and custom Forms into their websites, far beyond just e-commerce. And with that web development power behind it, regular site building complete with CMS (content management) is almost instant. All fully customizable with no simplistic templates or creative compromises.

It does this by encapsulating 'chunks' of complex functionality into simple to configure components. This means that advanced web development can be done easily and reliably by anyone: without having to learn PHP, Joomla or Drupal and then write, and then debug, thousands of lines of program code.

As you do not need to write scripts and code, you don't need to use specialists for web development , so creation costs fall dramatically. It becomes practical for businesses of any size to bring their own web development for custom sites and business-processes safely online - just like big-business does.

Building websites and creating web applications for your business using open-source web development software on Linux systems is far from free. Building robust, reliable custom websites and web applications in Muse, Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal is time consuming.
Manually coding web development in Javascript, PHP, jQuery, Microsoft .NET, Oracle Forms or any other method is skilled, and expensive work.  Running on Linux may be license-cost free, but keeping it working it requires costly skilled labor.

clearString web development software makes it effortless to build highly functional websites and apps and still have full control over style, design and appearance. clearString writes the code for you to automatically build the site or application around your content. Low hosting costs - you can host your sites and applications yourself on your own Windows machines or a bare bones Cloud or Hosted server. There is no additional web development software to buy - use any standard web browser. No additional license costs for an unlimited number of developers and system users.

And of course, web-professionals can use clearString web development software to develop faster and more efficiently, creating opportunities for cost savings and more time to offer their customers greater technical sophistication.

See for yourself - http://www.clearString.com

clearString web development software has a one-click integrated install onto one standard machine and then everything is created and managed using any standard web-browser. There is no local web development software to install and no limits on the number of users or creators. It all works just like you want it to.

clearString web development software takes the geek out of Business web and app development.









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