Two Factor Authentication

9 March 2016 by Bob North

Passwords provide a great way to authenticate people onto websites, but we’re all familiar with their limitations: they are either too hard to remember, or too easy and get guessed. There’s plenty of other technical reasons why passwords aren’t great, but to some extent they are here to stay.

To make things more secure, we’ve added in the option of Two Factor Authentication.

With this, when you log in, in addition to your email address and password, you are then asked to enter a two Factor Authentication code. This is a number which changes each time you use it (either the number cycles every 30 seconds, or per usage). Crucially, the same number cannot be used more than once, it is a One Time Password. So anyone watching over your shoulder, or intercepting your communication somehow, could not use the number they obtained to login.

Our Two Factor Authentication system is designed to used standard protocols, and runs on your smartphone on free apps, so no need for additional hardware dongles to carry around with you or distribute to users.

Two Factor Authentication is optional – as the site creator you decide which usergroups need to use it to login, or whether they need to use it to see particular parts of the site that are more secure than others.

You can also set the site to require the Two Factor Authentication number to be entered, not just at login, but when they attempt to perform a sensitive task (think of a banking site where they need to use the code to confirm a payment request)

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