Take the Geek Out of Web Development with clearString

16 February 2012 by DRose



clearString www.clearstring.com have made a breakthrough in taking the geek out of website building. They have come up with a novel way of creating and managing - ‘developing’  in the jargon - websites and applications. So its no longer necessary to master the ‘mysteries of coding’ to create a web presence that does exactly what you want. We are not talking graphics here - but nuts and bolts websites that actually do things. Your things. With email, and forms that work the way your business does. All at a small fraction of the cost of custom development.
"Web development really is much harder than people expect, " said David Rose, CEO at clearString. "Javascript, CSS, PHP, jQuery, Microsoft .NET, Oracle Forms or Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and Linux are quite tricky to master. People have tried to get round this by using cookie-cutter template systems, or reusing Wordpress-templates but they are never very successful, and commissioning a custom web development company is simply not in the budget for most companies in this economic climate."
Enter ‘clearString’. This software system enables anyone to take their existing business skill-set and create unique CMS websites. and business applications. Build custom data-forms, email integration, user management and security. Easily manage domains, hosting and data security. All without scripting or coding.
It does this by encapsulating 'chunks' of complex functionality into simple to configure components. This means that advanced web development can be done easily and reliably by anyone: without having to write, and then debug, thousands of lines of program code. Anyone who has used ‘Photoshop’ will be familiar with controls managed using dialog-boxes. clearString works in a similar way, providing powerful functionality at the click of a mouse.
So now you  do not need to be a geek to create the application or website you need ready to be populated with your own imagery and content. Of course, it is still not a trivial task to build a 2012 web presence, but the average business can save thousands of dollars in development and employment costs by using clearString









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