New version of clearString - build 1631

11 November 2011 by DRose

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The release of the latest version of clearString codeless web development software Version 2.1631 has brought a host of new features and enhancements:
New: Query - text fields - render as image src option
New: Query - text fields - urlencode option
New: Search View - search for words of minimum 3 characters
New: Search View - ignore MySQL stop words
New: Layout - revised build process allowing centering of elements / pages
New: Query - extra cells to provide uniform spacing when records less than number of columns in page (dtd'd pages)
New: Surround - row divider surface
New: Order Charge Data Feed - charge type field
New: Query - date fields - group by day-of-week option
New: Embed Dialog - initial page as single alphabetical list with icons
New: Layout - remove alt="spacer" (showing in search engine cache)
New: Collapsible Panel component
New: Table / DEF - record owner auto complete options
So it is worth stopping for a few minutes to remember just what our aims and objectives are
clearString web development software has been created for everyone who wants more than just a cookie cutter website or who wants to create web applications. That is, small and medium sized businesses, graphic designers and anyone who needs to develop websites with integrated database functions, but lack programming and database management skills. 
clearString web development software has a number of unique features.
1 - clearString web development software is a substantial product.
It is designed to provide every aspect of website and application development, from hosting and domain management, through website building, to deep integration of data. Many aspects, like full Content Management (CMS), automatic navigation and security are automatic.
2 - clearString web development software is 100% codeless.
Created for business and developers to use, clearString is aimed at mass market users. clearString web development software removes the programming barrier. At no point does the site builder or app developer have to drop down to scripting or manual coding. clearString web development software is a component-based web development system, that gives total control through dialog-boxes: from CSS management right through to database query parameters. This makes developing in clearString web development software a similar experience to working with Photoshop or with Windows itself.
3 - clearString web development software integrates Data with Design
clearString web development software is unlike previous 'grid-based' attempts to integrate databases with websites. clearString uses webpages that can be styled in any normal way as Surfaces onto which Views of database Queries are Embedded. This unique Table-Query-View embed model means that highly sophisticated database output can be seamlessly integrated with custom page design - and as clearString web development software is codeless - without ever having to manually construct SQL-queries: clearString does that for you.
4 - clearString web development software is Windows software - not Linux.
It self-installs on to a standard Windows machine and creates a complete hosting environment for an unlimited number of websites - all with full independent management. You can create your own 'private cloud' and SaaS environment, complete with user account management and integrated accounting.  Windows, because this software is for business and minimally technically-able users who do not have the resources or expertise to work with Linux. clearString web development software also runs happily in the Amazon AWS cloud.   And clearString web development software is coded from the ground up, and is not a mash-up of open-source software.
...and much more besides.









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