Integrating with Twitter

7 October 2010 by Bob North

Twitter has matured into a core part of any social media strategy, but the trick is to integrate your Twitter account with your website.

The key is to be able to let your site post tweets to your Twitter account. To do this we use the OAuth component, which allows your website special access to post tweets without actually knowing your Twitter password. (They used to provide a 'basic' method for posting from a website, where the website did know the password, but they have retired that for security reasons)

The true value of integrating your site with your Twitter account in this way comes when you combine it with the other components at your disposal. For example, you can trivially schedule tweets to be posted at future times, rather than 'immediately', allowing you to give the appearance of being constantly on the task, whilst actually getting on with something else.

You can also allow your users to post tweets to their Twitter accounts through your website, safe in the knowledge that they haven't had to reveal their Twitter passwords to you. You can even hardwire a prefix to every such tweet, perhaps a link to your website. I'm sure you can think of plenty more ways to use this exciting technology.









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