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31 August 2010 by Bob North

It's always great when a plan comes together, and all the more so when the plan has been several years in the hatching. Today's launch of clearString marks the end of the development and beta testing phase, and the start of a rollout to designers and business managers.

To recap, there's lots of ways of building websites, but once you get beyond a basic brochureware site, you're into the expensive territory of coding and programmers. Mention database, and most designers start screaming, either to themselves (watch their eyes), or out loud.

clearString changes all that - it's software package that makes it possible for people to make real Internet based businesses - without programming and without being trapped in predetermined template systems - by using new 'do-it-yourself' Internet applications.

If you think programmers are too expensive and you want to get more value from your graphic designers, look at clearString for a ten-fold efficiency gain (and no, that's not a typo, it really does make that much of a difference). So projects that normally cost $20,000 can now come in nearer $2,000, which means you can afford to do more, sooner. Take a look at clearString today, and be prepared to be pleasantly surprised.










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