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In this blog the team behind the clearString system discuss how to make the most of the system, and talk about some of the general issues of relevance to building online applications.

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Avoiding repetition

20 April 2009 by Bob North

I really hate having to do the same thing over and over again, and I know I'm not alone. All too often on sites you need to make a change to lots of different pages maybe changing the font or the background color, and you really don't want to have to do each one individually.



"I want to be a web designer"

16 April 2009 by Bob North

I was recently involved in a panel discussion where a questioner asked what they should do to become a web designer, and what certification courses they should take.



Being logged in, and out, at the same time

8 April 2009 by Bob North

When you're building anything but the simplest site you're likely to be faced with the problem of seeing what the public view of the site is, whilst needing to be logged in to make changes. You could keep logging out and back in again, but that's time-consuming and tedious. So here's three ways to be both logged in and out, at the same time.



Helping you sleep at night

3 April 2009 by Bob North

Here's a thought that might save your life. Well, your career. It's all to do with that mundane task that's never quite important enough to do right now. Yes, it's the dreaded backup routine. Though today I'm concentrating not just on backups, but the equally important restore process.



Feeling Agile

23 March 2009 by Bob North

If you've ever studied computing at university you'll have come across some tedious methodologies like the 'Waterfall Model' or the PRINCE2 project management standard. One of the more recent entrants into the field is 'AGILE' development, and as the name suggests, it is all about getting results quickly, keeping the customer in the loop, and providing a working system as early in the development process as possible.



"Look at my site!"

19 March 2009 by Bob North

I'm often asked to cast a critical eye over websites, and suggest how they can be improved, or 'taken to the next level', as marketing people like to say. Aside from the usual mantra of making sure the content is up to date and the typos have all been found, there's one technical trick that can give a website that extra quality feel.



Measuring site traffic

10 March 2009 by Bob North

Everyone wants to know how busy their site is, and there are plenty of ways of finding out. The trouble is, they all seem to give different answers so who is right?




20 February 2009 by Bob North

It's not often that Google, Yahoo and Microsoft agree on something, so when they jointly launch a new standard it's worth taking a look at. In this case it's a really simple standard just a tag but it's going to make a big difference to search engine optimisation. What's more, this isn't some pre-announcement of some future development, it's here now, and neatComponents already supports it.



Learning the system tricks of the trade

5 January 2009 by Bob North

Getting to know any system, even one as easy as neatComponents, has its tricks, and whilst you'll find them documented in the 'official' places, I'll try to draw some to your attention here.



Finding your nearest hosting provider

2 December 2008 by Bob North

I'm often asked by prospective neatComponents users where they should host their servers. I could easily reel off the names of some decent co-location specialists, but that's not the best way to approach the problem first, you need to know what you need from your hosting. And armed with those answers, you have a chance to sensibly assess the options.



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