clearStringclearString codeless web development software brings all website creation and your data apps online using components to manage data, users and structure - with drag & drop building and dialog-box config.

In this blog the team behind the clearString system discuss how to make the most of the system, and talk about some of the general issues of relevance to building online applications.

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I am NOT a developer

15 March 2011 by DRose

clearString is the perfect solution for non-expert developers looking for the easiest way to build web apps. It is a visual codeless development tool that lets everyone quickly build and deploy great-looking web and cloud applications without scripting or coding, and without any design constraints. With clearString, you can build multi-tier web applications in minutes.



Calling all Citizen Developers

14 March 2011 by DRose

clearString is a visual codeless development platform for web applications, which means that users who are not IT Experts - the Citizen Developers as Gartner calls them - can build and deploy their own data based web applications with or without the cloud, and for public, private or a mixed user-base.



Working with Google Website Optimizer

11 March 2011 by Bob North

Google Website Optimizer (GWO) is free system provided by Google to allow you to test alternate content on some of your visitors, running experiments to see which content variations are most effective.

clearString provides comprehensive support for Google Website Optimizer integration.



Integrating with Twitter

7 October 2010 by Bob North

Twitter has matured into a core part of any social media strategy, but the trick is to integrate your Twitter account with your website.

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Getting data into your site

14 September 2010 by Bob North

There's little doubt that data makes the difference between a 'me-too' brochureware site, and an active and useful internet presence. However that data isn't always where you need it to be – on the site. What we need is an easy way to import, lookup, or synchronise data from other sources, and make it available to the table/query/view system that powers the data handling in clearString neatComponents.

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Keep on rolling out

3 September 2010 by DRose

As we wind down for the long Labor Day weekend here in Connecticut, its a time to look back over this last week with a great deal of satisfaction.

The technical roll out of clearString's latest edition with the new 20351 version of the neatComponents engine went very well. Last month's developments in external data lookups massively increase the power that clearString brings to Internet developers. We're really excited!



Hello clearString

31 August 2010 by Bob North

It's always great when a plan comes together, and all the more so when the plan has been several years in the hatching. Today's launch of clearString marks the end of the development and beta testing phase, and the start of a rollout to designers and business managers.



New support system for clearString

27 August 2010 by DRose

It's great to see the new support system for clearString ready to come on stream. One of our recent targets has been to improve the user experience of our support services. The new system integrates license management, upgrade protection and support access into one handy on-line account so that all the information both the user and our support staff need to know is in one place.



ClearString feature releases

25 August 2010 by Bob North

One of the great things about clearString is that we don’t save up lots of features for months and then have a major version release, where everyone has to learn tons of new skills all at once. Instead, we release them as soon as they are ready.



How to win a website development contract

2 March 2010 by Bob North

So you’ve got a lead to see a potential new client. They want a website, and they’ve heard you’re new and have some great ideas. So what’s your plan?

Here’s your cheat-sheet to winning their business.



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