clearStringclearString codeless web development software brings all website creation and your data apps online using components to manage data, users and structure - with drag & drop building and dialog-box config.

In this blog the team behind the clearString system discuss how to make the most of the system, and talk about some of the general issues of relevance to building online applications.

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Why not being sexy costs jobs growth and profits

20 September 2011 by DRose

clearString codeless web development software has been launched by Connecticut based independent software developer Enstar, to solve this problem of how to create business grade websites and applications. clearString combines twenty years company knowledge of creating SMB solutions with state-of-the-art development and deployment technology. clearString codeless web development software is a comprehensive software solution that enables any SMB to make effective use of web technology to streamline their business processes without having to fall back onto programming or coding



Developing websites for YOUR customers using clearString

15 August 2011 by DRose

clearstring provides a full hosting and billing system so that website development companies can host their customers' websites on their own server and then bill them monthly. The system manages everything from hosting to metering to reminders and credit control.



clearString makes private clouds easy

14 July 2011 by DRose

The public cloud works great for consumer services, but businesses need to keep tight control over data



clearString is uniquely totally codeless at the point of use

12 June 2011 by DRose

clearString’s ‘pre-coded’ components mean that it is uniquely 100% codeless at the point of use.

Our goal is to make world-class Internet technology affordable, so taking a 100% contrarian view of the world brings great business benefits. Here are three examples...



clearString does not require scripting, Java or coding skills

15 May 2011 by DRose

clearString is a codeless application and web development platform, that enables an ordinary business user to create rich and flexible multi-user web and data applications that can be both created and delivered across the Internet.



No deployment: just live and accessible applications

23 March 2011 by DRose

There are no deployment issues with clearString – ever. All data applications and web apps are built using live web services, but in a controlled environment. Tight permission controls mean that you say who can see your new development, but you are working on a live application or site from the get-go. clearString manages your database, user permissions and SaaS delivery and it also provides your hosting environment. This means that there is no FTPing and no file transfer when your application goes live. Whether it is an Internet service or an Intranet application clearString is already there.



Direct web development

22 March 2011 by DRose

clearString has been developed as a solution for small to medium sized businesses and organizations to bring applications online at a very low cost; to maintain them into the future and to be able to adapt the solutions as circumstances change without requiring specialist skills.



Next-generation codeless application development

18 March 2011 by DRose

A couple of years ago Gartner Inc, the respected industry analysts, predicted that by 2014 ‘Citizen Developers’ would build at least 25 percent of new business applications. They said that this advance should both enable end users and free up IT resources.



Real web development with no code to debug

17 March 2011 by DRose

clearString means that anyone can quickly and easily create and launch web applications without being forced out to the risks and challenges of unknown coding regimes or unregulated cloud service providers.



Websites and Applications. Power and Flexibility

16 March 2011 by DRose

The clearString approach to web application development is different. It is what is sometimes called 'goal oriented development'. That is to say, if at the end of the day you want to have a web service or website that is data enabled, then that is where you should start from, and build down to the data structure beneath. clearString has its own internal data structure which has been designed to be used by non-technical designers.



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